Universalist hymnals

[Note: works in my collection, for future publication or partial publication online are marked with an asterisk. (*)]

Early hymnals

  • * A Collection of Psalm and Hymns for the use of Universalist societies and families, by Hosea Ballou, 2d. I have the eighth and ninths edition (both Boston: Benjamin B. Mussey, 1839) which has 636 hymns, 7 doxologies, and no tunes.
  • * Hymns for Christian Devotion; expecially adapted to the Universalist denomination, by J. G. Adams and E. H. Chapin. Originally published 1846. I have the twelth edition (Boston: Abel Tompkins, 1850), sixty-fourth edition (no date), and the “new edition” (1871) which has 1008 hymns and no tunes.
  • * The New Hymn Book, designed for Universalist societies, by Sebastian and Russell Streeter. Originally published 1829. I have the forty-first edition (Boston: Benjamin B. Mussey and Company and Woodstock, Vt.: Haskell and Palmer, 1854) which has 550 hymns and no tunes.

Hymnals featuring “Gospel songs”

  • * Good-will Songs. A compilation of hymns and tune original selected and arranged for praise and prayer meetings and stated church service. by Stanford Mitchell. Boston: Universalist Publishing House, 1885. 268 hymn texts with tunes. Preface: “Several of the best ‘Gospel Hymns,’ popularly known as ‘Moody and Sankey’ music, have been inserted, and large expense incurred to obtain permission of copyright holders.”

Hymnals featuring chants and service music

  • * Hymns of the Church. Boston: Universalist Publishing House, 1917.

Hymnals for small groups and families

  • * Vestry Harmonies: a collection of hymns and tunes for all occasions of social worship, by John G. Adams. Boston: Universalist Publishing House, 1871. Includes three brief orders of service and 256 hymns texts with tunes. Preface: “In the Vestry-room meeting — now one of the essential religious helps with most of the Christian sects; in the devotional services of the family; and in all seasons of social Christian worship, this collection, we hope, may be found to be an aid and inspiration.”

Hymn collections embedded in liturgies

  • * Gospel Liturgy: a prayer-book for churches, congregations, and families. Prepared “at the direction of the General Convention of Universalists”  Boston: Universalist Publishing House. Hold printings of 1861 and 1871. 8 orders of service, “formulas for anniversaries” (propers), “selection of psalms” and several occasional services, including pastoral offices and 263 hymns with 30 tunes.  An all-around service book.

Hymnals and resources with hymn collections for children and Sunday Schools

  • * A Manual for Sunday Schools. To which is added a Collection of Hymns. by William S. Balch.  Boston: A. Tompkins, 1847
  • * The Manual and Harp, for the Use of Sunday Schools, by L. J. Fletcher. Boston: N. E. Universalist Publishing House, 1866.
  • * A Year of Worship for Sunday School and Homes, by G. L. Demarest. 53 orders of service with other materiel and 167 hymns with tunes. Boston: Universalist Publishing House, 1899.